How it works

Simply tell us where to send the flowers and provide a form of payment. We will ship ONE BUNCH of flowers to your door step weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Ship a bunch to yourself this month and a bunch to your mother the month after, change who you send a bunch to as often as you'd like. We will pick the flowers for you and tell you why we picked that specific variety. We might send California Lilacs in the Spring and Fair Trade roses from Ecuador in the Summer or California grown French Tulips in the Fall. We promise to spend the least amount of time between the farm and your door step.

Simple, affordable, monthly flower delivery.

Most flowers are flown in from farms in South America, then sourced at distribution facilities and shipped to flower shops and supermarkets where high markups are added. ONE BUNCH removes two steps from that equation. We deliver flowers to you directly from the farms quicker and in better shape. This gives you more days to enjoy your flowers at a reasonable price.